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Wearable Devices Ltd. has released the Mudra Band for Apple Watch, which allows for touchless interaction and is available for preorder. The company's stock has increased by 250%.

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  1. Experience the Future of Touchless Interaction with Mudra Band for Apple Watch - Preorder Now!
  2. Why Is Wearable Devices (WLDS) Stock Up 250%?
  3. Wearable Devices' Mudra Band for Apple Watch is Available for Preorder
Business Overview

As an investment analyst, Wearable Devices Ltd.'s business model can be analyzed in terms of its revenue streams, cost structure, and growth potential. Revenue Streams: Wearable Devices Ltd. generates revenue primarily through the sale of its wearable devices, which include fitness trackers, smartwatches, and health monitors. The company also generates revenue through the sale of related accessories and services, such as replacement bands, charging cables, and subscription-based fitness programs. Cost Structure: The company's cost structure ...

Yahoo - Business Overview

Wearable Devices Ltd. engages in the development of a non-invasive neural input interface for controlling digital devices using subtle touchless finger movements. The company offers Mudra Inspire development kits that enable users to control digital devices, including consumer electronics, smart watches, smartphones, AR glasses, VR headsets, televisions, personal computers and laptop computers, drones, robots, and others through finger movements and hand gestures. It serves consumer electronics companies, industrial companies, information ...

Risk Rating (Yahoo)


ESG Score (Yahoo)


Market Cap (USD)

31 M

AI Rank (finclout)


Flags & Key Risks
Negative EV to Ebitda Negative Return on Equity Negative profit margins Negative Revenue Trend Pre-market negative on higher volumes
  • Market saturation and competition from established players in the wearable technology industry.
  • Dependency on a limited number of suppliers for key components.
  • Fluctuations in currency exchange rates may negatively impact profitability.
  • Regulatory changes and compliance requirements may increase costs and limit market access.
  • Intellectual property disputes and infringement claims may result in legal and financial liabilities.

SWOT Analysis


Wearable Devices Ltd. has a strong brand reputation in the market and a loyal customer base. The company has a diverse range of wearable devices that ...  


The company heavily relies on its flagship product and needs to diversify its product portfolio. The company faces intense competition from established players and new entrants in the market. The company's products are relatively expensive compared to its competitors, which may limit its market share. The company's products are dependent on technology, and any disruption in the supply chain may affect its production.


The wearable devices market is growing rapidly, and the company can expand its product portfolio to cater to different customer needs. The company can explore new markets and expand its distribution network globally. The company can leverage its strong research and development team to develop new and innovative products. The company can partner with other companies to integrate its products with other technologies.


The wearable devices market is highly competitive, and the company faces intense competition from established players and new entrants. The company's products are dependent on technology, and any disruption in the supply chain may affect its production. The company is vulnerable to changes in consumer preferences and trends. The company may face regulatory challenges and legal issues related to data privacy and security.

Thesis for Wearable Devices Ltd.


Wearable Devices Ltd. is poised for significant growth as the demand for wearable technology continues to rise. With their innovative products and strong brand recognition, the company is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the market. Addit ...


Wearable Devices Ltd. operates in a highly competitive market, with numerous established players vying for market share. While the company has shown strong growth in recent years, it remains to be seen if they can maintain this momentum in the face of ...


The wearable technology market is highly volatile and subject to rapid changes in consumer preferences. While Wearable Devices Ltd. has shown promise in the past, there is no guarantee that they will be able to maintain their market position or continue ...

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